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Video Ads

With Quality And Style

Custom graphics design zerotechz did for Safehaven pet rescue business in Scottsboro,ALGraphics Design

We use state of the art graphics and video editing software to produce video ads that stand out and represent our client's mission.

zerotechz info over web design and procedures

If your website looks good we do

Whether you need a functional website for business or personal needs we can do it and tailor every detail to your specs.

We can create the graphics-we can code the website-You can control it.

Even better? We do it all for much less than even a Wordpress builder.

Designing a website and creating the graphics as well as coding it all together are only half the battle if your needs require the website to be more than pretty.

You may need a Calendar that displays your events,PDF functionality that allows you to upload PDF files straight from your computer to your website,ways to display your product that lure the client in.

Every client is different with different needs so your website shouldn't have to be cut out of a template.

Web Site Designs

Simple yet highly functional

zerotechz designed a website for Marion County Newspapers

Research shows that the client stays on a website longer if background colors aren't bright.The site is highly functional yet simple and easily editable.

Personal Sites With Nifty Effects

zerotechz designed a website for Fort Payne,AL

Building a personal website to represent your community or just to make a statement about who your are using the new html5/CSS3 eye-catching effects is right down our alley and we do it with detail and excellence.

Get With The Times

Nowadays tablet and smartphone users search the web much more from their device than a desktop computer..You need your website created in a way that stretches to fit any size devices screen-This is called Responsive Design.If your website isnt responsive when a mobile user looks at it then the site looks strange and just doesnt fit the screen,the user has to scroll around to look at what should fit...We build responsive websites as a standard.

Let Us Design For You

Contact us to start designing your website today.We will be happy to discuss ideas on implementing the website of your dreams.

Our prices on design start out at: * $250.00

Email Us or Call


Robert :423-805-0467

computer repair services offered by zerotechz at affordable rates

Virus Removal

Explanation of virus removal

Our Process

We use software to remove viruses and malware by either flashdrive or cd..

Sometimes the virus has disabled access to the desktop so we boot the computer into a safemode where we proceed to remove.

Finishing The Job

After the removal we run software to repair the registry in Windows Operating systems and to clean the system up..Most times the process takes no more than an hour but depending on severities time can change.

Unusual Circumstances

Rarely but there have been occassions where the virus has corrupted several DLL files that Windows uses to run..In these cases it is required to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows fresh to get it working again.

If this is the case an additional $50 is charged for the format and reinstall of the operating system.

What About My Important Files?

Before formatting the hard drive we will be able to remove your data to a flash drive then once the operating system is reinstalled put the important files back on the hard drive.If the hard drive actually fails or dies its still possible to retrieve the files from it but the hard drive will be shipped to a partnering business that uses a lab to do this work.

Computer Builds

Building a computer from the ground up requires knowing which parts you need,which parts work together and the parts you need for what you need the computer for.

If your interested in having a computer built please contact us if you need help in picking out the parts.We will help you through the complete process.

When Your Parts Arrive

We will build your computer and charge $100 labor.The computer will be delivered to you the very next day.The first week of running your new computer is considered the "break in" period" and we will contact you to see how well your computer is performing after the first week.If after that you feel there may be an issue you can contact us free of charge.We stand by our builds

Advantages of Building Your Own

As big name companies keep shipping computers down the assembly lines and throwing them together as quick as they can,using cheap parts and not applying the correct amount of thermal paste to the cpu causes a computers lifespan to be shortlived.

The main thing to your advantage in building your own is the ability to pick out quality parts in the build.The second thing is a quality thermal paste and applying it the correct way.

computer builds and parts that are required for the build

In most cases you can build a much better computer at half the price of a computer bought at a department store.

Hardware Repair

Alot of our customers seem to find their way to us after they've had a bad experience with another tech that didnt fix the issue.

Most hardware issues are very easy to diagnose and repair.We don't charge hourly on these repairs.Our rate is $20 to diagnose and replace parts if a part is needed.You will be responsible for buying the part needed but we will find the part at the best price.If the motherboard is bad,it will be the most expensive and if the computer is very old it may lead to a whole computer rebuild.


It's a very good practice to take the side of your computer tower loose occassionally and blow your computer out with a can of air..A computer and its fans are set up in a way to bring in air from the bottom and front but exit through the back.When too much dust builds up it restricts the airflow and cause overheating..The computer could run slower or even shutdown.

 zerotechz offers PC cleaning and maintenance