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Computer Repair Services

Licensed IT techs that can repair your issues at very affordable prices !
Zerotechz offers our computer repair and website design services to the Guntersville,AL area and guarantees swift,effective troubleshooting for all your computer needs !
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Guntersville,AL web design and computer repair
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Professional Computer Repair in Guntersville,AL

Can't get to your desktop ? Internet browser locked up and telling you to send money to remove a virus ? Hard drive dead ? Give Zerotechz a call if you're in the Guntersville area and we'll be there to resolve any issues you may be facing. We offer our services by the job, not by the hour and employ licensed techs that know what to look for and do the job right. Fast service and affordable prices on our repairs make us who we are today. We stand behind our services with a guarantee that the work is done right the first time ! No need in sending your computer to a computer repair service that can't get it back in under a week or overcharges, Zerotechz prides itself in getting your PC up and running in a day or less !

Zerotechz explains our procedures in a way the client understands

What Zerotechz Offers Guntersville,AL

It's always been our belief that if you can't do it then you definitely can't take the time to explain it in a way the customer could understand it. Zerotechz offers the Guntersville,AL area our computer repair and web design services as well as taking the time to break down the technical terms to explain the issues or procedures to our customer in a language that can be understood, which is English ! We are more involved as well in teaching our youth computer skills to equip them for the future. We feel children would benefit from learning computer languages and code, so Zerotechz strives to offer tutoring in the Guntersville area as a chance to educate our youth.
Educating our customers is just as important
Explaining the procedures we use to do repairs or remove a virus and installing extra software so that the customer can efficiently remove any viruses later on can save customers money in the long run !


Web Design Services in Guntersville,AL

Web design is one of the many services that Zerotechz offers the Guntersville,AL area.

Our web design team not only knows how to build Wordpress websites but also specialize in building websites from the ground up as we are knowledgeable in code languages and responsive design !

Building a website to exceed your expectations as far as visually appealing and informative about the services your business may offer is only a third of the battle ! SEO is extremely important as it helps search engines know how to list your website and your potential customers to find your website online. We offer SEO services as part of our website package and not as a separate service like other website building companies ? What's the sense in building a website if noone can ever find it right ?