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Web design for the confused blog post by zerotechz

Web Design for The Confused

It’s confusing when you decide that you want to build your very own website. You immediately have an image in your mind of how you want it to look but have no clue where you are supposed to start and not knowing basic languages like HTML you might be swayed to use website template builders but lets try to shed some light on the steps needed to get you up and running.


Register your new website name


Before you even start your new website it definitely needs a name. This will be the name that appears in search results like Google, Bing, ETC…
The name of our business is Zerotechz computer repair and tech services so I would obviously choose that as my name for our website. You can choose to have a .com, .org, etc or you can register your name to have both.
GoDaddy, in my opinion, offers the cheapest name registration. You will check your name to see if it is used by someone else-if it is not congratulations and you can now register your name for around $12. That name registration is called a domain name registration and you will renew your domain name every 12 months.


How do I get my website online?


You now have your very own domain name and you are so proud but then reality hits and you realize you have what you started with in this world-a name but nowhere to go. The next thing you are going to want to do is get yourself a website hosting plan. You can get this from several providers just by typing a search in google such as “website hosting.” Once again we’ve been with quite a few and we prefer Godaddy for several reasons. You can get a hosting plan from Godaddy for around 9 dollars a month and sometimes if you register a new hosting account you can get your domain name registered for $1.99.
Once you get your hosting plan you now have a domain name registered and your very own hosting.


But how do I get my files to my hosting when they are on my desktop?


That’s the spirit…..But let’s go one step at a time just in case you don’t have any files or know how to create them…
To upload your files to your hosting server you will need a File Transfer Program(FTP)….I useFilezilla.
You can download Filezilla free of charge. When you open Filezilla you have 4 blank panels across the top:
1.Host-In the host field you will type your website name such as
2.Username-this is your username that signs you in to your godaddy account.
3.Password-Of course the password to your username.
4.Port-This is the port that opens up your line to get you to your website that is blank right now. The port you want to use is “21”.
Once this info is entered hit the button labeled “quickconnect” and you will see lines of words running. Once done you will go to the window to the right labeled “Remote Site” and click on the label called “Public Html”.
Once you do, in the window below you will see files like “index.html”-this is your main homepage for your website. If you have your “index.html” built drop it in here and Filezilla will upload your file to the website. Once done you can close Filezilla and type your website name in Google and see your site is now online.


But I don’t have any files to drop in there and don’t know how to make them


At this point you now have everything set up to build your awesome website but have no clue how to build it?
You have 2 choices:
1.Learn HTML5 and CSS3-There are several good resources floating around the web to teach you the basics of these languages as well as bookstores. Once these languages are learned you can learn more such as javascript. When you do it this way you have the freedom of designing a site any way you’d like. A very good resource to learn from online is
you can even watch your creations unfold using their “try it yourself” feature.
2.Website Template Builders-I’m against website template building because using templates limits your ability to design the site the way you want it. Instead you are given a layout and you pretty much fill in the blanks.
However, I guess if your in a crunch and short on time maybe this might be the way to go for you.


Keep your files organized on your desktop as well


When building your website keep your pages in order and the folders that correspond with each page. If you have images that are particular to your “Index.html” page then keep the folder organized so your files arent junked up…I hope this has helped some of you out and if you have a question or would like some advice please feel free to email Zerotechz.

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