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Blog post about SEO and Web design

SEO and Web Design Anyone ?

Nowadays there’s a new website builder around every corner we’ve noticed. Some use WordPress, some build from the ground up using html5 and others implement both. Zerotechz would like to explain, in our opinion, Web Design and SEO.


What’s The Dif Between WordPress and Html5 ?

There may be some confusion when you are talking to a company about designing a website for your business or even a personal website. Some companies only use WordPress to build a website while others use Html.  

About WordPress

In the old days (about 10 years ago) WordPress was known as a website builder for beginners because basically to build your website you didn’t need to know how to code,  you could pretty much drag and drop the elements you wanted and download plugins to add more functionality to your website. The downfall was and still is in most cases that if you wanted a certain element (such as a logo) in a certain place besides where your WordPress template places it, you need to know how to go into the PHP (a code language) template or CSS (code language) stylesheet and code the change in. WordPress was originally known for creating “blogs” and still is highly used  for just that reason. A few years back WordPress was taken more seriously when templates became SEO optimized as well, which is extremely important nowadays if you’d like to see your website on Google Search front page. WordPress also gives the client complete control, once built,to edit and add content with ease. When personally building a website using WordPress we still end up tearing through the code to make it the way we like it and our clients happy as well.

About Html

Html can be used to build a website from the ground up. We can build a website using CSS3, Html5, Jquery, PHP, etc. All of these are code languages and we use them to build exactly what the client wants, visually and for what the client’s needs may be for his particular website presence. We have much control over design this way, much more than WordPress. The downfall to building this way years ago was the client could not edit his own website easily when the website was done because the client would need to know how to code so this was bad… A few years back we gained a very valuable tool though and it was the ability to code our websites but then add in a Control Management System (CMS) so that the client could easily edit what we created. WordPress is also considered a CMS.

Responsive Design

What’s the sense in having a website nowadays if it doesn’t look good on mobile devices as well since most people search the internet from a mobile device?

In this day and age it’s mandatory that any website should also be built to fit on smaller screens as well and not only be built to fit but be readable also. Not many people will stay on a website that’s difficult to read or takes too long to load. So not only does it need to look good but it better load fast .

Before Html5 rolled around we had to make websites work with mobile devices by using a separate CSS stylesheet just for smaller screens. Nowadays due to the changes in code there’s no need for separate coding because it’s all done on one Framework. Responsive design is a loose term for mobile friendly because there are quite a few frameworks to build on besides Responsive !


You possibly have heard about SEO so when you call your local website designer and question them about it you hear “we do SEO”. What you definitely want to make sure of is that they actually do SEO and do it correctly. When I was a kid my father used to say “Son, don’t send your wife out to a mechanic they’ll rip her off !” What I figured out later in life to that analogy was that my wife might have heard of an alternator but that doesnt mean she knows anything much more about it and they knew it too lol. Not saying that all women aren’t mechanically inclined, seems my mother wasn’t. You may read about SEO and know that you should ask about SEO but don’t take for granted the company that says they know SEO actually does. In fact if SEO on your website is implemented incorrectly it could get your website removed from Google. There are tools that can be used to see how a websites SEO is actually doing and what improvements can be done. One of these tools you can download from Google Play which is called Sinium SEO Tools . With Sinium SEO Tools you can type in any website address and check that website’s SEO . Building a very nice, functional website is half the battle and the other half is what happens behind the scenes – SEO. Setting up a website to rank highly in Google depends on a few factors. Do you own a shop or business that does local business ? or are you an internet business that strives to be global ? The content on your website needs to be relative to what your business does. A good description of the services you provide and the areas you provide them in are very important . If placing images on a website it is a good idea to make sure in the code that there are “ALT” tags describing the image so Google understands and can “read” the image because Google can’t see the image as human eyes do… There are so many factors involved with SEO and every client’s needs will be different so make sure the company designing your website is familiar with SEO strategies.

Wrapping It Up

Everyone has their own opinions over SEO and Web Design because these areas are changing every day and technology doesn’t slow down. We all have our preferences but when it comes to website building – Visual Design, Rich Content and SEO are all equally important. It is also very important that if you own a business that you should have a website to advertise and provide information about your business as well. Years ago when we were building websites there wasn’t that many out there, but in this day and age website designers are creeping out from around every corner. Make sure you hire a reputable company that can handle the job !







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