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Just because Windows 8 is on it doesn’t make it good -blogpost by zerotechz

Just because Windows 8 is on it doesn’t make it good

Just because Windows 8 is on it doesn’t make it good

Posted by zerotechz on Friday, August 14. 2015

You need a computer but unfortunately your budget doesn’t allow for a brand new one…You may be stuck looking through craigslist or some other site that sells used computers..Don’t worry, we’ll explain what you need and what to watch out for.

“It has Windows 8 on it”

Just because a computer has Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 on it does not mean that the computer is good..In fact, if it does have these operating systems on it but the hardware doesn’t support it- The computer could run worse..Never buy a computer from anyone that does not tell you the specs of the computer..
Any Windows operating system past Windows XP requires 1 gig of ram to run efficiently..If the computer you are buying only has 1 gig of ram installed-Your new computer will run slow and crash consistently.. The Operating System is not the only thing that makes up a computer.. In fact the Operating System can easily be replaced.

Check under the hood

When looking for your new computer be very careful of the tricks that some people may pull in order to sell you junk.. The main trick is listing the computer and letting the customer know it has a newer Operating System on it..A reputable seller will also list the specs of the computer as well…If you see a computer you like ask for the specs..

What Am I Looking For?

Several years ago we broke through from 32 Bit systems to 64 Bit systems…You definitely need to make sure your new computer is a 64 Bit.
The easiest way to know it is a 64 Bit is to look in system settings or computer info of the computer you are interested in..If the computer is showing it has 4 gigs of memory installed it is definitely a 64 Bit machine… 32 Bit machines aren’t capable of the 4 gig mark…. Never trust that the Operating System says 64 Bit because you can easily install a 64 Bit Operating System on a 32 Bit machine- That isn’t good either…

Storage Space is A Definite Plus

The hard drive is where your Operating System is stored as well as everything you save or download.
The days of owning a desktop computer with a 120gig hard drive or long gone..Your new computer should at least have a 500 gig hard drive considering nowadays we are up to 6 Terabytes..Your new hard drive should also be a SATA.. SATA is nothing more than how the hard drive is hooked to the motherboard..SATA is much faster than the older method and can also tell you if the computer is over a decade old..If its not a SATA hard drive don’t buy it.

Anything Else?

Make sure you know if you are getting a Dual core processor atleast..In this day and age we now have 8-core computers and running a single core machine (with the way the web is and apps) is useless. Single core machines have no business but anywhere in a dumpster…There are also certain brands of processors to be leary of but that is very technical and maybe in another blog…One quick one to stay away from is “Celeron”. You’ll notice in stores certain computers are priced cheaper- most times they have a Celeron processor.. Celeron is a low-grade processor.

How Much?

So many people get ripped off on their purchases but only due to being unprepared and falling prey to a seller that knows what the consumer wants to hear..In the above, I list basically a system with specs:
Dual core processor- 4 gigs ram- 500 gig hard drive…To buy this tower alone without a monitor you should be looking around $50 or aiming at it.. If you have any issues out there on your search please feel free to email or contact us by phone. We’d be happy to review what you’ve found.

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